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WebGL-based voxel viewer and editor
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Troxel Travis Build Status (Linux) AppVeyor Build status (Windows) Code Climate devDependency Status Codacy Badge JS.ORG

Troxel is a WebGL-based HTML5-WebApp for viewing and editing voxel models with some additional support for Trove specific features. Visit to try it out! You can embed Troxel in your own website too with libTroxel.


  • Supported file formats for both import and export
    • Qubicle (.qb): fully supported (multi matrix, compression ...)
    • Magica Voxel (.vox)
    • Zoxel (.zox)
    • Base64 (links): Troxel's own compressed file format for sharing models via links
    • JSON: raw data output
    • some additions for material maps (multi-layer voxel data) used by Trove
  • WebGL-based 3D-Renderer
    • basic support for all material maps
  • Editor
    • simple add and remove voxel functionality
    • rotate, mirror, move and resize voxel model
    • filltool with color noise

How to use


  • Node.js 4+
  • for hosting static page locally (optionally): ruby with github-pages gem (gem install github-pages)


git clone
cd troxel
npm install

Running dev server

npm start

Then open: http://localhost:3000/index.jade

This server will automatically recompile resources after editing them. You only need to reload you page to see your edits live.

Running tests

npm test

Please run this test suite before opening a pull request.

Building a static page

npm run build

The static page will be generated into the dist folder.

Serving the static page via jekyll

npm run serve

The static page will be served by Jekyll (like on GitHub Pages) and grunt will watch for source file changes and automatically recompile these changes and update Jekyll.

Note: You need the github-pages gem installed (gem install github-pages) for this.

Importing Trove's blueprints

Check out troxeljs/trove-blueprints for more information about how to import blueprints.


LibTroxel is a JavaScript library which allows you to embedd voxel models rendered with Troxel into your own website. The project lives now in its own subproject at troxeljs/libtroxel.

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