Plugins that adds SAML authentication support for "Redmine"
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Redmine OmniAuth SAML plugin

This plugins adds SAML authentication support for Redmine thanks to the OmniAuth authentication framework and specially thanks to Redmine Omniauth CAS Plugin.


You can first take a look at general instructions for plugins here.

Note that the plugin is now only compatible with Redmine 3.0 or higher. For Redmine 2.0 see 2.0 branch

Then :

  • clone this repository in your plugins/ directory ; if you have a doubt you put it at the good level, you can go to your redmine root directoryand check you have a plugins/redmine_omniauth_saml/init.rb file
  • install the dependencies with bundler : bundle install
  • copy assets by running this command from your redmine root directory (note: the plugin has no migration for now) : RAILS_ENV=production rake redmine:plugins
  • restart your Redmine instance (depends on how you host it)

Finally you must configure your SAML settings adding a file in config/initializers for example named saml.rb (the name is not important, but it must be a ruby file). A sample file is given in the plugin root folder named sample-saml-initializers.rb

Finaly you need to configure some minor options for the plugin to work, in “Administration” > “Plugins” > “Configure” on the OmniAuth SAML plugin line.