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DEPRECATED: This package is no longer maintained. It has been replaced by

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Modular Laravel 5 overlay with many utilities and components (Ranging from stable, experimental to even controversial).


  • Alerts: A more formal interface for flashing and displaying alerts to users of your application.
  • Auth: Authentication, registration and key pair storage utilities:
    • HmacMiddleware: HMAC auth for APIs
    • KeyPair: Storage for pairs of public and private keys.
  • Database:
    • Structured Migrator
    • Utility migration classes
    • JsonModels: Models that automatically serialize and de-serialize JSON on specified fields as they come and go to the database.
  • Hashing: Aggregated hasher for automatically upgrading legacy hashes (MD5) to more secure ones on projects working existing databases or user data.
  • Http: HTTP and routing utilities
    • Route Mapper Interface: A simple interface for defining class versions of the routes.php file. TestCase included.
    • Route Aggregator: Aggregates routes defined in classes implemeting the RouteMapper interface.
    • ApiResponse: An opinionated API response generator.
    • ResourceFactory: Build groups of routes faster and with fewer lines.
  • Jobs: A task scheduling and management framework.
  • Testing: A collection of PHPUnit test cases for testing general and specific kinds of classes:
    • LaravelTestCase
    • ModelTestCase
    • RouteMapperTestCase
    • ServiceProviderTestCase
  • Queue: Helpers for pushing queue jobs into SQS by the queue name, not its address.
  • Style:
    • CSS Inliner Service: Write your email templates using blade and do not worry about whether or not they will display correctly. The inliner service is capable of inlining a specified CSS file into a view.
  • Support:
    • ServiceProvider: Exactly like a regular Laravel service provider but it explicitly requires the developer to define $defer.
    • ServiceMapProvider: A shortcut for creating service providers with fewer lines of code.


Each service in this package should be loadable by using the corresponding service provider. This is easily done by adding the provider to your app.php:

return [
    // ...
    'providers' => [
        // Third-party service providers...

Some modules might have specific exceptions or additional instructions. Make sure to read the corresponding README file.


Pull requests are accepted on GitHub. Bug fixes and small improvements are welcome. Big ideas will be reviewed and discussed.

Code Standard: PSR-2 with some additions. See for more details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


This code is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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