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CS195-001 Project: An iOS news aggregator that summarizes stories for you!
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CS198-001 Project by @chromadrive @zeyanaAM and @aaronhoby

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the backend API ( using a web browser and make sure it hasn't crashed.

  2. Install the CocoaPods: pod install

  3. Open XCode and launch the app, everything should already be working.

Some Notes About the Server

The backend code included is incomplete and may not run properly, please see our backend's development repo.

We've included references to our deployment server in our source should you build it, but the live version of the backend is quite unstable and is very crash-happy, and as a result NewsFlash-CLIENT may not work. If that happens, please either email me (wxiong @ berkeley) so I can get the server back up and running, or try running NewsFlash-CLIENT-CACHED. It's the same app, but runs on a cached version of our server.

If you do end up having to resort to using the cached app, you can test our search/browse functionality with these queries:

  • Search: Trump, iPhone, Star Wars, Black Friday
  • Browse Location: United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, China
  • Browse Category: Society, Science, Arts
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