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== Version 1.4 ==
* New information tooltip on url bar icons.
* Submit bar submits on tab+enter.
== Version (Preview Release) ==
* New message ("orangered envelope") notifications for reddit.
* Submission bar now fetches the full list of subscribed subreddits.
* Ignore "www." domain prefix when determining bar persistence.
* Url bar icons no longer respond to right-click.
* Improved and updated authentication handling.
* Fix multiple issues with redirects and bar replacement. Thanks Pappenheimer!
* Fix reddit scraping to work with updated reddit DOM.
* Fix limiting parameter in info API calls.
== Version ==
* Compatibility bump to satisfy Firefox 3.5.1.
== Version 1.3.3 ==
* Support for Firefox 3.5.
* Submission title text box now spell checked.
* Fix visual issues in the preferences window for Mac users.
* Fix display of character entities in reddit submission titles.
== Version ==
* Workaround for null subreddit bug.
== Version 1.3.2 ==
* Fix namespace pollution.
* Fix Ctrl-arrow cursor movement in submit bar textbox.
* Fix spurious bar triggering on subreddit listings and some profile page links.
* Fix invalid score calculation when score unknown.
* Fix minor bug when canceling adding a site.
* Fix minor internal cleanup bug in the site dropdown.
* Revert to smaller /login/ path for modhash scraping on older reddit sites.
== Version 1.3.1 ==
* Add error-checking to JSON parsing
* Fix bug where 0 votes would show up as "Unknown" in score tooltips.
== Version 1.3.0 ==
* Support for Firefox 3.1 beta 2.
* Support for jQuery-enabled DOM.
* Optional automatic refresh interval for the info bar.
* Clicking the score in a reddit info bar manually refreshes it.
* New internal API version compatibility system.
* Fixed several bugs by using more robust info requests.
* Fixed the internal capitalization of the "persistmode" preference for consistency.
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