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# -- builds JAR and XPI files for mozilla extensions
# by Chromakode <>
# Based on the functionality of by Nickolay Ponomarev, Nathan Yergler.
import sys
import re
import time
from os import system, path, curdir, pardir, sep, walk, remove, stat, access, R_OK
from shutil import rmtree
import subprocess
from xml.dom import minidom
from zipfile import ZipFile, ZipInfo, ZIP_STORED, ZIP_DEFLATED
import hashlib
def sha_hash(data):
return ("SHA256", hashlib.sha256(data).hexdigest())
except ImportError:
# Python <2.5 compatibility
import sha
def sha_hash(data):
return ("SHA1",
# From Python 2.6:
# Should work on windows too, since we're not going to run into case inconsistencies or UNC paths
def _relpath(p, start=curdir):
"""Return a relative version of a path"""
if not p:
raise ValueError("no path specified")
start_list = path.abspath(start).split(sep)
path_list = path.abspath(p).split(sep)
# Work out how much of the filepath is shared by start and path.
i = len(path.commonprefix([start_list, path_list]))
rel_list = [pardir] * (len(start_list)-i) + path_list[i:]
if not rel_list:
return curdir
return path.join(*rel_list)
# Python <2.6 compatibility
if hasattr(path, "relpath"):
relpath = path.relpath
relpath = _relpath
def walk_visible(*args):
for root, dirs, files in walk(*args):
# Do not walk hidden ".foo" files
dirs[:] = [d for d in dirs if not d.startswith('.')]
yield root, dirs, files
def remove_if_exists(p):
if path.exists(p):
class XPIBuilder:
def __init__(self, basepath, config, quiet=False, verbose=False):
self.basepath = basepath = None
self.success_msgs = []
# Config variables
self.c = config
self.quiet = quiet
self.verbose = verbose
# Special paths/names
self.n = {}
self.n["jar"] = self.c["app_name"]+".jar"
self.n["jar_loc"] = "chrome/" + self.n["jar"]
self.n["xpi"] = self.c["app_name"]+".xpi"
def msg(self, msg, verbose=True):
if not self.quiet and (not verbose or self.verbose):
def p(self, p):
"""Return a path relative to the the base path"""
return path.join(self.basepath, p)
def pn(self, n):
"""Return a path for the named file relative to the base path"""
return self.p(self.n[n])
def add_file_to_zip(self, p, zip, base=None):
# Don't ever add the zip file itself
if path.abspath(p) != path.abspath(zip.filename):
if base is not None:
rp = relpath(p, base)
rp = p
self.msg("\t\tAdding %s" % rp)
zip.write(p, rp)
def add_dir_to_zip(self, dir, zip, base=None):
for root, dirs, files in walk_visible(dir):
for filename in files:
# Skip "backup" filenames ending with '~'
if not filename.endswith("~"):
p = path.join(root, filename)
self.add_file_to_zip(p, zip, base)
def read_info(self):
self.msg("Reading info from install.rdf file...")
rdf_dom = minidom.parse(self.p("install.rdf"))
descs = rdf_dom.getElementsByTagName("RDF:Description")
for desc in descs:
if desc.getAttribute("RDF:about") == "urn:mozilla:install-manifest": break
print("Warning: Unable to locate install-manifest in install.rdf file.")
return = {}["id"] = desc.getAttribute("em:id")["version"] = desc.getAttribute("em:version")["type"] = int(desc.getAttribute("em:type"))
def print_info(self):
self.msg("Built [%s]." %["id"], False)
self.msg(" - Version: %s" %["version"], False)
self.msg(" - Filename: %s" %"xpi"), False)
xpifile = open("xpi"), "r")
hashname, hash = sha_hash(
self.msg(" - %s: %s" % (hashname, hash), False)
for success_msg in self.success_msgs:
self.msg(success_msg, False)
def clean(self):
"""Remove any files from the previous build"""
self.msg("Cleaning build directory...")
def cleanup(self):
self.msg("Cleaning up finished build directory...")
if (self.c["clean_up"]):
def build(self):
def runcalls(calls):
for call in calls:
if type(call) is str:
self.msg("Starting XPI build...")
if "before" in self.c:
self.msg("Calling pre-build hooks...")
if "after" in self.c:
self.msg("Calling post-build hooks...")
def process_chrome_manifest(self):
self.msg("\tProcessing chrome.manifest file...")
chrome_manifest_str = open(self.p("chrome.manifest")).read()
except IOError:
sys.exit("Error: Unable to locate the chrome.manifest file.")
# Change paths to chrome directories to their locations in the JAR
# Example: "content myapp content/" -> "content myapp jar:chrome/myapp.jar!content/"
jarify_re = re.compile(r"(?m)^((content|skin|locale).*\s+)(\S+/)(.*)$", re.MULTILINE)
jar_chrome_manifest_str = re.sub(jarify_re, r"\1jar:%s!/\3\4" % self.n["jar_loc"], chrome_manifest_str)
return jar_chrome_manifest_str
def build_jar(self):
self.msg("Creating JAR file %s..." % relpath("jar")))
jarfile = ZipFile("jar"), "w", ZIP_STORED)
for chromedir in self.c["chrome_dirs"]:
self.msg("\tAdding chrome directory \"%s\":" % chromedir)
self.add_dir_to_zip(self.p(chromedir), jarfile, self.basepath)
def build_xpi(self):
self.msg("Creating XPI file %s..." % relpath("xpi")))
xpifile = ZipFile("xpi"), "w", ZIP_DEFLATED)
for rootdir in self.c["root_dirs"]:
self.msg("\tAdding root directory \"%s\":" % rootdir)
self.add_dir_to_zip(self.p(rootdir), xpifile, self.basepath)
self.msg("\tAdding root files")
for rootfile in self.c["root_files"]+["install.rdf"]:
self.add_file_to_zip(self.p(rootfile), xpifile, self.basepath)
# Adding the .jar file
self.msg("\tAdding %s" % self.n["jar"])
# Find the latest modification date in the .jar contents
# Note: while it is inefficient to reopen the zipfile, it's useful to ensure that build_xpi() could be run independently from build_jar().
jarzip = ZipFile("jar"), "r", ZIP_STORED)
max_date = max([info.date_time for info in jarzip.infolist()])
# Add the .jar to the .xpi
# The .jar is assigned the latest modification date above.
# This is done to prevent the .jar generation timestamp from changing the .xpi hash each build.
jarinfo = ZipInfo(self.n["jar_loc"], max_date)
xpifile.writestr(jarinfo, open("jar"), "r").read())
# Process the chrome.manifest
cm_str = self.process_chrome_manifest()
self.msg("\tAdding chrome.manifest")
# Add the chrome.manifest to the XPI
cm_st = stat(self.p("chrome.manifest"))
cm_mtime = time.localtime(cm_st.st_mtime)
cm_zi = ZipInfo("chrome.manifest", cm_mtime[0:6])
cm_zi.external_attr = 0644<<16
xpifile.writestr(cm_zi, cm_str)
def run_spock(spock_path, input_path, output_path, **args):
spock_args = {"key_dir_path" :"-d",
"extension_id" :"-i",
"destination_url" :"-u",
"xpi_path" :"-f",
"version" :"-v"}
def update_extension_id(id, type):
if type == 2:
pre = "urn:mozilla:extension:"
elif type == 4:
pre = "urn:mozilla:theme:"
pre = "urn:mozilla:item:"
return pre+id
def run(builder):
full_input_path = builder.p(input_path)
full_output_path = builder.p(output_path)
if not access(full_input_path, R_OK):
errormsg = "unable to access input file \"%s\"." % input_path
builder.msg("Skipping spock run: %s" % errormsg)
builder.success_msgs.append(" ! Spock run failed: %s" % errormsg)
builder.msg("Running spock...")
args["xpi_path"] ="xpi")
args["version"] =["version"]
args["extension_id"] = update_extension_id(["id"],["type"])
arglist = [spock_path]
for arg, value in args.iteritems():
if arg in spock_args:
output_file = open(full_output_path, "w"), stdout=output_file)
builder.success_msgs.append(" + Spock created %s successfully." % output_path)
return run
def load_config():
from buildxpi_config import config
except ImportError:
sys.exit("Error: Unable to import the build configuration data. Please make sure the module build_xpi_config exists and is properly formatted.")
config.setdefault("clean_up", True)
# Import local build configuration
from buildxpi_config_local import config as config_local
except ImportError:
return config
def main():
from optparse import OptionParser
parser = OptionParser()
parser.add_option("-q", "--quiet",
action="store_true", dest="quiet", default=False,
help="disable all status messages")
parser.add_option("-v", "--verbose",
action="store_true", dest="verbose", default=False,
help="enable verbose status messages")
parser.add_option("-p", "--path",
action="store", dest="path", default=sys.path[0],
help="build the XPI sources located at this path")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
# Add the source path to the module path so that we can import the options file.
if options.path not in sys.path:
builder = XPIBuilder(options.path, load_config(), options.quiet, options.verbose)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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