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Version 1.01 - Fri Aug 22 05:29:08 UTC 2008
Attempt to recover from people calling UNIVERSAL::isa as a function
# from the shell
echo 'export PERL5OPT=-MUNIVERSAL::isa' >> /etc/profile
# within your program
use UNIVERSAL::isa;
# verbose reporting
use UNIVERSAL::isa 'verbose';
$ perl Build.PL
$ perl ./Build
$ perl ./Build test
$ sudo perl ./Build install
Whenever you use "isa" in UNIVERSAL as a function, a kitten using
Test::MockObject dies. Normally, the kittens would be helpless, but if they use
UNIVERSAL::isa (the module whose docs you are reading), the kittens can live
long and prosper.
This module replaces "UNIVERSAL::isa" with a version that makes sure that,
when called as a function on objects which override "isa", "isa" will call the
appropriate method on those objects
In all other cases, the real "UNIVERSAL::isa" gets called directly.
Audrey Tang <>
chromatic <>
Yuval Kogman <>
Artistic License 2.0, (c) 2005 - 2008.
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