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+=head0 Testing Plack Applications
+The Perl community as a whole trusts that its software works because of a
+relentless focus on automated testing. If you've installed distributions from
+the CPAN, you've seen that the best code tends to have plenty of tests which
+run before installation. The same tools and techniques used to test modules and
+distributions are available to test applications. Perl and the CPAN make that
+True to form, Plack and PSGI make testing your applications easy, too. Because
+you can deploy any well-written Plack application to any conforming Plack
+backend, you don't have to spend your development time configuring and
+deploying an application to run fragile tests against it. Your tests can have
+full control over the testing environment of your application--with or without
+even running a web server locally--thanks to C<Plack::Test>.
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+=head1 Testing with C<Test::WWW::Mechanize::PSGI>
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+=head1 Testing with C<Plack::Test>

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