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Revised true/false values (Chas. Owens, Yuval).

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N: Yuval Kogman
+N: Chas. Owens
@@ -340,21 +340,25 @@ entire expression.
=head3 Context for Conditional Directives
X<context; conditional>
+X<boolean truth>
+X<true value>
+X<false value>
The conditional directives--C<if>, C<unless>, and the ternary conditional
operator--all evaluate an expression in boolean context
(L<context_philosophy>). As comparison operators such as C<eq>, C<==>, C<ne>,
and C<!=> all produce boolean results when evaluated, Perl coerces the results
of other expressions--including variables and values--into boolean forms.
-Empty hashes and arrays evaluate to false. Scalars containing C<undef>, the
-values 0 and 0.0, and the empty string evaluate to false. Everything else is
-true, in the absence of deeper magic.
-=for author
-Review the rules on truthiness of scalars again.
-=end for
+Empty hashes and arrays evaluate to false.
+Perl 5 has no single true value, nor a single false value. Any number that
+evaluates to 0 is false. This includes C<0>, C<0.0>, C<0e0>, C<0x0>, and so
+on. The empty string (C<''>) and C<"0"> evaluate to false, but the strings
+C<"0.0">, C<"0e0">, and so on do not. The idiom C<"0 but true"> evaluates to 0
+in numeric context but evaluates to true, thanks to its string contents. Both
+the empty list and C<undef> evaluate to false. Empty arrays and hashes return
+the number 0 in scalar context, so they evaluate to false in boolean context.
=begin sidebar
@@ -163,6 +163,9 @@ I<not> remove equivalent whitespace from the start of each line of the heredoc.
=end sidebar
+You may use a string in other contexts, such as boolean or numeric; its
+contents will determine the resulting value (L<coercion>).
=head3 Unicode and Strings

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