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@@ -20,54 +20,44 @@ made them available to anyone willing to learn them.
=head1 Running Modern Perl
-The Modern::Perl module from the CPAN (L<cpan>) asks Perl to warn of dubious
+The C<Modern::Perl> module from the CPAN (L<cpan>) asks Perl to warn of dubious
constructs and typos and will enable new features introduced in modern releases
-of Perl 5. Assume every example in this book begins with:
+of Perl 5. Unless otherwise mentioned, code snippets always assume the basic
+skeleton of a program:
=begin programlisting
+ #!/usr/bin/env perl
use Modern::Perl;
=end programlisting
-If you cannot yet install this module, you may start your programs with the
-rough equivalent:
+... which is equivalent to:
=begin programlisting
+ #!/usr/bin/env perl
use 5.012;
- use strict;
use warnings;
use autodie;
=end programlisting
-Unless otherwise mentioned, code snippets always assume the basic skeleton of a
-=begin programlisting
- #!/usr/bin/perl
- use Modern::Perl;
- # example code follows
-=end programlisting
-Other code snippets use testing functions such as C<ok()>, C<like()>, and
-C<is()> (L<testing>). That skeleton program is:
+Some examples use testing functions such as C<ok()>, C<like()>, and C<is()>
+(L<testing>). These programs follow the pattern:
=begin programlisting
- #!/usr/bin/perl
+ #!/usr/bin/env perl
use Modern::Perl;
B<use Test::More;>
# example code here
- done_testing();
+ B<done_testing();>
=end programlisting
@@ -102,21 +92,6 @@ This book would not have been possible without questions, comments,
suggestions, advice, wisdom, and encouragement from many, many people. In
particular, the author and editor thank:
-John SJ Anderson, Peter Aronoff, Lee Aylward, Alex Balhatchet, Ævar Arnfjörð
-Bjarmason, Matthias Bloch, John Bokma, Vasily Chekalkin, Dmitry Chestnykh, E.
-Choroba, Anneli Cuss, Paulo Custodio, Steve Dickinson, Kurt Edmiston, Felipe,
-Shlomi Fish, Jeremiah Foster, Mark Fowler, John Gabriele, Andrew Grangaard,
-Bruce Gray, Ask Bjørn Hansen, Tim Heaney, Graeme Hewson, Robert Hicks, Michael
-Hind, Mark Hindess, Yary Hluchan, Mike Huffman, Gary H. Jones II, Curtis
-Jewell, Mohammed Arafat Kamaal, James E Keenan, Kirk Kimmel, Yuval Kogman, Jan
-Krynicky, Michael Lang, Jeff Lavallee, Moritz Lenz, Andy Lester, Jean-Baptiste
-Mazon, Josh McAdams, Gareth McCaughan, John McNamara, Shawn M Moore, Alex
-Muntada, Carl Mäsak, Chris Niswander, Nelo Onyiah, Chas. Owens, ww from
-PerlMonks, Jess Robinson, Dave Rolsky, Gabrielle Roth, Eduardo Santiago, Andrew
-Savige, Lorne Schachter, Steve Schulze, Dan Scott, Alexander Scott-Johns,
-Phillip Smith, Christopher E. Stith, Mark A. Stratman, Bryan Summersett, Audrey
-Tang, Scott Thomson, Ben Tilly, Ruud H. G. van Tol, Sam Vilain, Larry Wall,
-Lewis Wall, Colin Wetherbee, Frank Wiegand, Doug Wilson, Sawyer X, David
-Yingling, Marko Zagozen, harleypig, hbm, and sunnavy.
Any remaining errors are the fault of the stubborn author.
@@ -0,0 +1,82 @@
+John SJ Anderson,
+Peter Aronoff,
+Lee Aylward,
+Alex Balhatchet,
+Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason,
+Matthias Bloch,
+John Bokma,
+Vasily Chekalkin,
+Dmitry Chestnykh,
+E. Choroba,
+Anneli Cuss,
+Paulo Custodio,
+Steve Dickinson,
+Kurt Edmiston,
+Shlomi Fish,
+Jeremiah Foster,
+Mark Fowler,
+John Gabriele,
+Andrew Grangaard,
+Bruce Gray,
+Ask Bjørn Hansen,
+Tim Heaney,
+Graeme Hewson,
+Robert Hicks,
+Michael Hind,
+Mark Hindess,
+Yary Hluchan,
+Mike Huffman,
+Gary H. Jones II,
+Curtis Jewell,
+Mohammed Arafat Kamaal,
+James E Keenan,
+Kirk Kimmel,
+Yuval Kogman,
+Jan Krynicky,
+Michael Lang,
+Jeff Lavallee,
+Moritz Lenz,
+Andy Lester,
+Jean-Baptiste Mazon,
+Josh McAdams,
+Gareth McCaughan,
+John McNamara,
+Shawn M Moore,
+Alex Muntada,
+Carl Mäsak,
+Chris Niswander,
+Nelo Onyiah,
+Chas. Owens,
+ww from PerlMonks,
+Jess Robinson,
+Dave Rolsky,
+Gabrielle Roth,
+Eduardo Santiago,
+Andrew Savige,
+Lorne Schachter,
+Steve Schulze,
+Dan Scott,
+Alexander Scott-Johns,
+Phillip Smith,
+Christopher E. Stith,
+Mark A. Stratman,
+Bryan Summersett,
+Audrey Tang,
+Scott Thomson,
+Ben Tilly,
+Ruud H. G. van Tol,
+Sam Vilain,
+Larry Wall,
+Lewis Wall,
+Colin Wetherbee,
+Frank Wiegand,
+Doug Wilson,
+Sawyer X,
+David Yingling,
+Marko Zagozen,

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