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+What is Modern Perl?
+Perl is a popular, powerful, and widely used programming language. Over its
+twenty year lifespan, it's powered millions of systems worldwide, moving
+trillions of dollars. More importantly, it's helped countless people get their
+work done effectively.
+The Perl community has a reputation for clever solutions -- and a reputation
+for institutional knowledge that isn't always clear to novices and neophytes.
+Modern Perl, written with this knowledge, can be very clean, very maintainable,
+and even more powerful than you imagine.
+That knowledge should be available to everyone. This book will teach you how
+to program Perl, but it will also teach you how to *think* about Perl, so that
+you can use it to your full advantage.
+Contributing to Modern Perl
+For now, this draft work is licensed under a Creative Commons
+Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. For
+more details, see:
+Please feel free to point people to this repository. Suggestions and
+contributions are welcome. Please do not redistribute with modifications.
+This book will be available under a less restrictive license when it comes out
+in print from Onyx Neon Press:
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