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Revised based on a suggestion from Moritz Lenz.

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1 parent b34007d commit cdba6ab770a9dae2dd9a6720dd7ac9616ac9938a @chromatic committed Apr 23, 2010
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@@ -32,3 +32,6 @@ E:
N: John SJ Anderson
+N: Moritz Lenz
6 sections/state.pod
@@ -106,9 +106,9 @@ counter example:
Perl 5.10 deprecated a technique abused in previous versions of Perl by which
you could effectively emulate C<state>. Using a postfix conditional which
evalutes to false with a C<my> declaration avoids I<reinitializing> a lexical
-variable to C<undef> or its initialized value. This technique now gives a
-deprecated warning, and rightfully so. Avoid it, but understand it if you
-encounter it:
+variable to C<undef> or its initialized value. Using this technique will now
+produce a warning about its deprecation, and rightfully so. Avoid it, but
+understand it if you encounter it:
=begin programlisting

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