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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
require 5.003; # keep this compatible, an old perl is all we may have before
# we build the new one
# The idea is to move the regen_headers target out of the Makefile so that
# it is possible to rebuild the headers before the Makefile is available.
# (and the Makefile is unavailable until after Configure is run, and we may
# wish to make a clean source tree but with current headers without running
# anything else.
use strict;
my $perl = $^X;
# keep in sync with the CPAN distribution by not requiring core
# changes. Um, what ?
# safer_unlink ("warnings.h", "lib/");
# We no longer need the values on this mapping, as the "changed" message is
# now generated by, so should we just drop them?
my %gen = (
'' => [qw[pod/perlapi.pod pod/perlintern.pod]],
'' => [qw[proto.h embed.h embedvar.h global.sym
perlapi.h perlapi.c]],
'' => [qw[keywords.h]],
'' => [qw[opcode.h opnames.h pp_proto.h pp.sym]],
'' => [qw[regnodes.h]],
'' => [qw[warnings.h lib/]],
'' => [qw[reentr.c reentr.h]],
'' => [qw[overload.c overload.h]],
sub do_cksum {
my $pl = shift;
my %cksum;
for my $f (@{ $gen{$pl} }) {
local *FH;
if (open(FH, $f)) {
local $/;
$cksum{$f} = unpack("%32C*", <FH>);
close FH;
} else {
warn "$0: $f: $!\n";
return %cksum;
# this puts last, which can be useful as it reads reentr.c
foreach my $pl (reverse sort keys %gen) {
my @command = ($^X, $pl, @ARGV);
print "@command\n";
system @command;
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