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Integrate change #18391 from maint-5.8:

Document the installprefix trick for compiling PASE Perl in AIX.
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@@ -36,6 +36,12 @@ Starting from OS/400 V5R2 the IBM Visual Age compiler is supported
on OS/400 PASE, so it is possible to build Perl natively on OS/400.
The easier way, however, is to compile in AIX, as just described.
+If you don't want to install the compiled Perl in AIX into /QOpenSys
+(for packaging it before copying it to PASE), you can use a Configure
+parameter: -Dinstallprefix=/tmp/QOpenSys/perl. This will cause the
+"make install" to install everything into that directory, while the
+installed files still think they are (will be) in /QOpenSys/perl.
If building natively on PASE, please do the build under the /QOpenSys
directory, since Perl is happier when built on a case sensitive filesystem.
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