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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use lib 't/lib';
use TestDOM 'Pod::PseudoPod::DOM::Role::HTML';
use File::Spec::Functions;
use File::Slurp;
use_ok( 'Pod::PseudoPod::DOM' ) or exit;
my $file = read_file( catfile( qw( t test_file.pod ) ) );
my ($doc, $result) = parse_with_anchors( $file, filename => 'html_toc.html' );
my $toc = $doc->emit_toc;
my $link = encode_link( 'SomeDocument' );
like $toc, qr/Some Document/, 'TOC should contain chapter heading';
like $toc, qr!<a href="html_toc.html#toc_$link">Some Document</a>!,
'... with link to chapter heading anchor';
$link = encode_link( 'AHeading' );
like $toc, qr/A Heading/, 'TOC should contain section heading';
like $toc, qr!<a href="html_toc.html#toc_$link">A Heading</a>!,
'... with link to section heading anchor';
$link = encode_link( 'Bheading' );
like $toc, qr/B heading/, 'TOC should contain sub-section heading';
like $toc, qr!<a href="html_toc.html#toc_$link">B heading</a>!,
'... with link to sub-section heading anchor';
$link = encode_link( 'cheading' );
like $toc, qr/c heading/, 'TOC should contain sub-sub-section heading';
like $toc, qr!<a href="html_toc.html#toc_$link">c heading</a>!,
'... with link to sub-sub-section heading anchor';
unlike $toc, qr/Another Suppressed Heading/,
'TOC should lack suppressed chapter heading';
unlike $toc, qr/A Suppressed Heading/,
'TOC should lack suppressed section heading';
unlike $toc, qr/Yet Another Suppressed Heading/,
'TOC should lack suppressed sub-section heading';
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