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Here is some ignorable text.

A Heading

This is part of some document (startofdocument; startofdocument).

  This indented text should come through unmodified too -- it is also "normal"

B heading

Encode the noble octothorpe, #, and the slash used for escaping: \. There are lots of other escapable characters, including $ & % and _. The curly braces, {}, get escaped too. The tilde, ~, has something special too.

"The interesting thing is that when you use double quotes," he said, "they turn into double single quotes going in the correct direction."

The caret ^ is interesting too.

(slightly complex?heading links to this section! next_heading links to the previous.)

c heading

When you leave out words, add an ellipsis... and get out an escaped version.

Words like flame, filk, and ineffable have interesting ligatures -- and you need a bit of work to make the typography work out nicely.

Diacritics are more difficult á la the naïve attachè and the © caper, ± some constant. FranE<ccedilla>aise has some fun onesE<trademark>.

Hello, this is a sidebar

Special formatting is very important, especially in code-like text, for special emphasis, and semantic-only emphasisbut beware of footnotes!. Try to format correctly Google URL: A false value such as 0 or 0 should work even in inline markup. Decrement behavior ($some_variable--) should be fine too. 'single quotes' need to be single quotes, not fancy curly apostrophes.

Index entries are more fun, as more special characters must be escaped, with a quote sign. E.g. , , and , not to mention . should appear properly too. is even more fun, as is and <=>.

More, we should be able to have superscripts like E = mc2 or subscripts, like H2O.

  Sometimes it would be good to send direct commands to \LaTeX
  Indentation should not be verbatim. Nothing should be touched.
  <p>HTML here</p>

Hierarchical terms are also possible, separating single terms with a semicolon. Spaces around comma (e.g. in ) should be ignored, as they influence sorting order.

Lists are fun:


Bulleted lists rule too:

  • BANG

    And they might have more lines. And they _ are $ properly % escaped.


Definition lists are useful:


What Pac-Man says.


And add_method are escaped

ook ook

What the librarian says.

Numeric lists are more fun:






Fooled you!

And of course, normal numbered lists:

  1. Something.
  2. Or.
  3. Other.

Now here is a table.

Basic bulleted list:

  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item

*A Suppressed Heading

*Yet Another Suppressed Heading



Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:

Around line 1:

Unknown directive: =head0

Around line 3:

A non-empty Z<>

Around line 9:

A non-empty Z<>

Around line 11:

Deleting unknown formatting code A<>

Around line 38:

A non-empty Z<>

Around line 49:

Deleting unknown formatting code A<>

Around line 59:

Unknown E content in E<ccedilla>

Unknown E content in E<trademark>

Around line 67:

'=end' without a target?

Around line 77:

Deleting unknown formatting code N<>

Deleting unknown formatting code U<>

Around line 95:

Deleting unknown formatting code H<>

Deleting unknown formatting code G<>

Around line 103:

'=end' without a target?

Around line 109:

'=end' without a target?

Around line 258:

Unknown directive: =head0

Around line 284:

=end for without matching =begin. (Stack: [empty])

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