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The source code for my game Impassioned Fowl made for LD33
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Hi there, thanks for downloading the source for IMPASSIONED FOWL, which iI made for LD33, please feel free to use any assets here or remix my game in the spirit of Ludum Dare.
The game was made in Stencyl so you will find exported.stencyl files in the Versions folder (I have given you all the versions available so you can see my progression). You will need to download stencyl and click "import game" to load the files.
I made all the assets from scratch (yes, even the honking sounds. I got some weird looks from my parents when I recorded those...) using photoshop, (for music), audacity and stencyl.
You can view a timelapse of my development (most of it, I didn't have it set up at 3am when LD33 started :/ ) here:

Questions directed to:
Tweet me: @chromebookbob
check out the twitter bot I made that comes up with silly synonyms for game names (it came up with the name "IMPASSIONED FOWL"): @crappysynonyms
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