Commits on Jan 10, 2019
  1. Prevent IDL code generation of nullable dictionaries as dictionary me…

    acomminos authored and Commit Bot committed Jan 10, 2019
    As per the WebIDL spec, "if the type of the dictionary member, after
    resolving typedefs, is a nullable type, its inner type must not be a
    dictionary type".
    Raises an exception when encountering a nullable dictionary type in a
    dictionary. Update the IDL files for Credential Management to the
    upstream version, which removes the nullability of these members.
    Bug: 890375
    Change-Id: I179b0193c6c15fc1f51ec10b44a9096d4b3e286a
    Reviewed-by: Hitoshi Yoshida <>
    Reviewed-by: Yuki Shiino <>
    Reviewed-by: Mike West <>
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  2. Perform flexbox child hit testing by testing all children atomically

    acomminos authored and Commit Bot committed Jan 10, 2019
    When two child elements of a flexbox overlap (for example, due to
    negative margins), the element drawn in the foreground may not actually
    capture the hit if the element underneath it is hit-tested in an earlier
    phase (e.g. foreground before child block background), despite being
    occluded. This is because painting of flexbox children is done
    atomically (all phases at once). This change makes hit testing atomic as
    well, in accordance with the spec [1].
    Bug: 844505
    Change-Id: Iceab80b42f19488dcb59565ea3c0ce40d48c483b
    Reviewed-by: Morten Stenshorne <>
    Reviewed-by: Christian Biesinger <>
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