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lgarron and nharper Remove DoS error handler. It never worked.
I tried using it to mitigate an attack, but it turns out that App Engine DoS protection doesn't work for Flex / Managed Environment.

The handler also doesn't do anything useful anymore, since the error file is already gone from the repo.
Latest commit a29be3c Jul 1, 2018



Build Status

This folder contains the source for the HSTS preload list submission website at hstspreload.org.

See github.com/chromium/hstspreload for the core library that checks websites against the submission requirements.



  • A go development environment.

  • The java commandline program for running JAR files (for the Cloud Datastore Emulator).

    go get github.com/chromium/hstspreload.org
    cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/chromium/hstspreload.org
    make serve

The first time you run it, make serve will download the Cloud Datastore Emulator (≈115MB) to a cache directory.


If you have access to the Google Cloud hstspreload project:

make deploy

Unfortunately, this usually takes 5-10 minutes.


This project is used by the Chromium team to maintain the HSTS preload list. This is not an official Google product.