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Magento extension for requestAutocomplete
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This is an extension to integrate requestAutocomplete into Magento's checkout flow.

To enable this extension, copy all directories into the root of your Magento installation.

You can install with modman or via these shell commands if you're on a POSIX system:

git clone /tmp/rac-magento-ext/
mv -i /tmp/rac-magento-ext/ $MAGENTO_DIR && rm -rf /tmp/rac-magento-ext/


Integrating into the existing Magento checkout flow

To enable the requestAutocomplete enhanced checkout flow on your store, you need to add this JavaScript to your one page checkout:


This should automatically integrate requestAutocomplete into your checkout flow. Your shipping, billing, and payment checkout steps should now be hidden, effectively replaced by the requestAutocomplete dialog.

When the user selects "Checkout as guest" and clicks "Continue", a native browser UI should show asking for their payment/shipping details.

Creating your own custom requestAutocomplete flow

If you'd like to trigger requestAutocomplete in a custom way (e.g., directly from the cart page when the user presses "Checkout Now"). The code might look like this:

function success(result) {
  // Success! The user gave us their payment info in the form of:
  //   result = {
  //     'cc-name': 'Big Spenda',
  //     'billing postal-code': '90210',
  //     'shipping city': 'Hollywood',
  //     ... and many more ...
  //   }

function failure(reason) {
  // Oh no! The user cancelled the requestAutocomplete UI or it wasn't
  // shown in the right way. The reason parameter can be:
  //   'cancel' => user cancelled
  //   'disabled' => see the development console for more details
  //   'unsupported' => the current browser doesn't support requestAutocomplete

var types = [
];, failure, types);


boolean requestAutocomplete.enable()

Integrates requestAutocomplete into the Magento checkout flow if supported. Returns a boolean indicating whether the Magento requestAutocomplete flow is now enabled. Returns false if the Magento version isn't supported or if the user's browser doesn't have requestAutocomplete., failure, types)

A way to manually trigger requestAutocomplete for customized checkout flows.

Parameter Type Description
success function(Object) Callback for successful requestAutocomplete runs. Receives a result map of autocomplete type => value.
failure function(string) An optional callback for requestAutocomplete` errors. Receives a string reason for the failure (e.g., "cancel").
types !Array. A list of [autocomplete] types to request.

boolean requestAutocomplete.isBrowserSupported()

Whether the current browser supports requestAutocomplete.

boolean requestAutocomplete.isMagentoSupported()

Whether the current Magento environment supports the requestAutocomplete enhanced checkout flow. This depends on whether parts of Magento's JavaScript API are present on the checkout page.


Disables the requestAutocomplete Magento flow and unhides all checkout sections. Does not hide any currently showing requestAutocomplete UI.

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