Rewrite of the Yellowpaper in non-Yellowpaper syntax.
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A rewrite of the Yellowpaper in non-Yellowpaper syntax.

This project exists to make the Ethereum Yellowpaper readable by a broader audience. This is a beta release, so errata exist, and content is still being added.

Build Instructions

If you're running Debian or Ubuntu derivatives:

sudo apt install pdflatex texlive* biber



will create the pdf file.

Lastly, open the pdf with a reader that supports character rendering (e.g. evince on Linux) if you want to do text searches.


Q. How should I navigate the document?

A. Use the index, section headings, and glossary.

Q. I'd like to contribute content.

A. Awesome! Submit a PR.

Q. Do I need to build the paper to obtain a copy of it?

A. No, just clone the repo, which includes the PDF, or download the file directly: beigepaper.pdf.