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Hackathon project involving the combination of different data sources into an application or game


  • Combine at least 4 external resources via AJAX requests and present their information in an application
  • Must be documented loosely on JSDOC standards
  • Must be issue-managed via meistertask

Judging Criteria

  • Appeal : is it visually appealing / well put together
  • Code Quality : is the code properly formatted, are variables and functions well defined and documented
  • Presentation : How well is it presented during the unveiling session
  • Task / Issue Management : How well was the development process documented / controlled. Were there well-defined issues, milestones, and project management
  • Innovative / Transformative : Did the project do something new and exciting? Was it bold and tried to do things that haven't been done much. Did it combine the data sources together in a way that was more useful than either source by itself
  • Ease of Use / Understanding : Was it easy to use the application / game, or if it was more complex, was the application or game able to provide you with tutorials or instructions that made understanding it a breeze.


  • Team 1

    • Vienna Tran
    • Julian So
    • Erin Tait
    • Brandon Park
    • Kyle Umbarger
  • Team 2

    • Andrew Mirshafiee
    • Sridhar Madala
    • Michael Esfahani
    • Tiffany Kim
  • Team 3

    • Collin Stewart
    • Oscar Anguino
    • Sasha Dykun
    • Andy Park
  • Team 4

    • Andrew Oautu
    • Edmund Park
    • Chris Kim
    • Michael Chu
    • Andrew Moser


  • 7:00pm Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
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