A middleman template that uses bower for asset management, and a few other defaults I found useful.
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#Headcanon's HTML5 Middleman + Bower template This is a (somewhat opinionated) Middleman template I made to help speed up static site building. It encourages asset management with Bower and includes a default bower.json. This template also makes it easy to add Typekit and Google Analytics to your site.

a lot of credit goes to Danny Prose's Middleman HTML5BP-HAML template, as well as the general HTML5 Boilerplate for helping me make this template.

This bad boy is distributed under the MIT license.



  1. Download/clone to: ~/.middleman/html5bower
  2. Create your new Middleman project: middleman init my_new_project --template=html5bower
  3. bower install to install the assets in the components/ directory.

Note: You can name the template whatever you like, so long as you call the same name in the middleman init command

##Adding a package with bower By default, all bower packages are put in the components/ directory outside of the source. This is to prevent all of the extra files bower downloads being copied over to build/. We used to have to symlink the files we wanted in the components directory over to our assets path in source/, but no longer.

Now when you want to install a package, simply bower install <somepackage> and include it like you would any other file in sprockets.

If you want to reference the asset directly in your HTML, then you will need to create a file in the asset path that includes the asset via sprockets. It's not ideal, but I think thats the best I can do right now. An example of this is source/assets/js/vendor/modernizr.js and source/assets/css/vendor/universal-ie6.css.

##On the SCSS organization I have not included a CSS grid at this time, mostly because it seems like everyone's got their own preference, and I haven't found one I really like yet.

However, I have included a file organization that has worked for me so far: *any variables (like colors and such) go into _settings.scss *any packages/imports go into _imports.scss

I'll likely be tweaking this a bunch as I go, however.

##Included helpers and other goodies I have included a few helpers to help out with organizing information on your site. They are located in helpers/.

To get typekit or analytics inclusion, simply add your account name/code to the appropriate places.

Also remember to add the site name, keywords, and description in ```helpers/meta. If you want to include a page-specific one of these, they will be appended to the overall site's.

##Contribute Have a better idea for middleman defaults? Give it a fork! Don't hesitate to create an issue if you have a problem or question.

Happy Building!