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These are arduino-duemilanove + LolShield source code & libraries.

you may put them into your Arduino Sketchbook folder.

warning : 
- lib is a library folder, all other projects may use it. it's currently using symlink to include the libraries in the projects ... 
- font is not a project : it's a code generator : it generate the cpp arrays representing the font characters present in the same folder. Please see fonttest/Font.cpp for more information

all other folders are projects that should compile using Arduino and gcc-avr compiling chain.

All those program are distributed under GPL v2+ or LGPL v2+ license

(C) 2009-2010 Jimmie P Rodgers, Benjamin Sonntag, Alex Wanger, Aurélien Couderc & maybe others, 

And thanks goes flying to Berlin to the Chaos Computer Club team for the unbelievable congress they organized ;) 
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