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Flickr Sidebar for Octopress


This plugin adds Flickr photos to the Octopress sidebar, with a few configurable options. It does not require Flickr API access as it uses their badge script.


Place flickr.html in source/_includes/custom/asides/. Optionally copy the contents of
_styles.scss to sass/custom for some basic styling (centered photos with 20px top margin).


Add custom/asides/flickr.html to default_asides: in your _config.yml. If you want photos at the top of the sidebar, add it to the beginning of the list.

Add the Flickr sidebar configuration options to your _config.yml at the bottom of "3rd Party Settings". You'll need your Flickr user id, which is different from your username. An easy way to find your user id is

# Flickr Badge
flickr_user:			# user id (not username)
flickr_count:			# number of photos to show (example: 3)
flickr_display:			# random or latest
flickr_size:			# t (thumbnail), s (small square), m (medium)
flickr_source:			# user, user_tag, all, all_tag
flickr_tag:				# tagname - set if flickr_source is set to user_tag or all_tag

The flickr_source: setting can be:

  • user (all user's public photos)
  • user_tag (user's tagged photos),
  • all (everyone's public photos)
  • all_tag (all public photos tagged with tag)


See the bottom of the sidebar at, or the source on Github.