Csound Beat Generator - Continuously creates electronic beats (default 4 measures long) sorted by BPM.
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Chronopolis 5k Beatfox - CSound Rhythm Generation Device

This is a free Csound generative beat tool - part of a larger compositional environment I'm building.

It will constantly create perfectly looped rhythms that can easily be dropped into a program like Ableton Live.

Leave it running all night, and you'll wake up with hundreds of loops in your folder!

It sounds similar to a Nord Drum or modular analog drums. It can also produce some 808-ish sounds.

Here are some audio examples: https://soundcloud.com/micahfrank/sets/chronopolis5k-beatfox

• All you need is a Csound compiler like CSound QT https://csoundqt.github.io/

• Load up the Beatfox.csd file, hit "Run" (command + R) and watch it go.

Disclaimer: This software is not thoroughly tested. Although it works fine on my system, Csound can have "temperamental" moments. Please try it out first with your speakers/headphones turned down.

To do

• Offline rendering

• Triplets and 32nd notes

• Rolls

• Samples

• More accurate density control

• Option to create more repetitive beats

License: Written by Micah Frank under GPLv3

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