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echo "This is a helper script to test breadcrumbs against many environ versions."
echo "This script test against Django 1.3.x and 1.4.x using sqlite. It depends of pip."
OLD_DJANGO="$(pip freeze | grep Django)"
test_13() {
echo "Testing against Django 1.3.x ..."
pip install -q -U --use-mirrors Django\<1.4.0
python --failfast --noinput -v0 && return 0 || return 1
test_14() {
echo "Testing against Django 1.4.x ..."
pip install -q -U --use-mirrors Django\<1.5.0
python --failfast --noinput -v0 && return 0 || return 1
test_13 && test_14
if [[ "$OLD_DJANGO" ]];
pip install -q -U --use-mirrors "$OLD_DJANGO"
echo "$OLD_DJANGO reinstalled"
pip uninstall Django
exit $result
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