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Adding a note about readers.

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@@ -131,7 +131,45 @@ importer.save_all()
BaseImporter set self.logger as a logging instance with name of class, so any call to self.logger.<debug|info|warning|error|critical> method will log to DBLoggingHandler now.
-You can find a better model for DBLogging in tests :).
+You can find a better model for DBLogging in tests :).default
+# A note on readers
+Readers are very independent of importer (but importer isn't from readers). I have for a long time now using many times readers out of data-importer, so you can do it too. There is a snippet of a management command class that use readers to read a file with a e-mail column and do mostly searchs:
+class Command(BaseCommand):
+ args = '<file_with_email_column>'
+ def handle(self,*args,**options):
+ print args
+ fname = args[0]
+ if '.csv' in fname.lower():
+ reader = CSVReader(fname)
+ elif '.xlsx' in fname.lower():
+ reader = XLSXReader(fname)
+ elif '.xls' in fname.lower():
+ reader = XLSReader(fname)
+ else:
+ raise CommandError,u'Supported extensions are only CSV, XLS and XLSX'
+ lines = list(reader)
+ print lines[0]
+ print reader.headers
+ if len(lines) == 0:
+ raise CommandError,u'The file %s is empty.' % fname
+ if not (lines[0].has_key('email') and lines[0]['email']) and \
+ not (lines[0].has_key('e-mail') and lines[0]['e-mail']):
+ raise CommandError,u'No e-mail column found in file %s' % fname
+ # the search is done in LDAP trought django-ldapdb, but does not matters here.
+The bad point is that you don't have control over values, if is valid or not for you, but can be useful when a importer is to much.
# Docs, Developing and testing data_importer

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