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star and saffron

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external repositories:
data:       mach-o handling
white:      load dylibs into the kernel
datautils0: make kernel patches, port over symbols

in here:
catalog: ROP code and kernel exploit
    kcode.S:    kernel payload
chain: unused
    common.h:   _log, _assert, etc
datautils:   python interface to data
dejavu: FreeType exploit
    dsc.c:      mount dyld shared cache via fuse
goo:    the "string with pointers, relocations, etc." abstraction     doing ROP with the abstraction  specific gadgets     creating mach-o files with the abstraction
headers: external headers
    install.m:  install the jailbreak
    locutus.c:  download files / communicate with locutus_server / run install
    inject.c:   inject a dylib into a process
    locutus_server.m: injected into SpringBoard
mroib: unused
otool: patch to otool that supports "force ARM" mode
starstuff: build the saffron-jailbreak-xxx debian package
    mount_nulls.c:    do so
upgrade-data: unused

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