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Demo using Artifactory in conjunction with Pulumi
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Pulumi with Artifactory Demo

This repository shows how to use JFrog Artifactory in conjunction with Pulumi.


The Pulumi application uses Amazon Web Services to enable users to upload video files to S3. Those videos are then analyzed using Rekognition to detect objects at certain key frames. Each object that is detected is then extracted from the video, using ffmpeg running on Fargate.

The code is based on some examples in the pulumi/examples repository. Though this repo separated out the components involved so they could be built and versioned independently, and served from Artifactory.



The video-labeler directory contains an NPM package abstracting the use of AWS Rekognition for analyzing images. The Pulumi program will consume the video-labeler package so that it can be blissfully unaware of how Rekognition, Lambda, SNS, and the IAM policy schenanigans that go on under the hood.


The thumbnail-extractor directory contains a Dockerfile which contains a script for extracting images from a video stored on S3. It uses ffmpeg under the hood.


The analyzer-service directory contains the Pulumi program that puts it all together.

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