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A full Axidraw Client with GCode support
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Axidraw Processing Client

A control client for the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories' Axidraw.


Untested on earlier than:

  • Axidraw v3 plotter
  • EBB firmware >=2.5.1
  • Processing >=3.3.5


  • GCode support (partial)
  • Live position and progress feedback
  • Preview with Zoom
  • Flipping for standard XY coordinates to plotter coordinates.
  • Efficiency calculation and time estimate.
  • Settings testing (pen toggling, speed adjustments, etc)


  • Press '?' for help.
  • Settings persistence, loading and saving.
  • Acceleration! Help Wanted!
  • Smoothing lots of small movements. Help Wanted!
  • UI refinements. Possible collapse to one window? Non-processing GUI Library?
  • Queue modification, starting and ending at preset points in queue.
  • Threading serial communications and/or canvas drawing. Help Wanted!
  • Live GCode object queuing for generative performances.

Reference Links

GCode Format Specification

Accepts GCode with many limitations!

  • Z axis accepts ONLY ZERO AND NON-ZERO as down and up. Height settings baked into variables. TODO add full Z support.
  • Can not move in 3 dimensions at once. Z and XY motion must be in their own commands. This is standard to engraving.
  • When planning your plot, position the model in the:
    • X,Y Quadrant: Select flipYFix to true
    • X,-Y Quadrant: Select xyFix to true
  • Script should end with a M30 command. This sends to home and tells the queue to stop waiting for more.
  • Ignores distinction between G00 and G01, but still functions by default with rapid motion when in clearance plane, and normal motion when pen is down.
  • Accepts units of Inches or Millimeters, but code must include G20 or G21.
  • All commands should be on separate lines, with parts separated by spaces, and comments (surrounded by brackets). No colons/semicolons.


  • Z heights
  • G0/G01 distinction
  • Feedrates
  • Dwell
  • Arcs?
  • File filters for unallowed characters.
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