Browse files Make docs not depend on tinydtls

That used to reside in the readthedocs fixes branch, but that it is not
required for docs is true in general.

This makes that branch obsolete again (ie. aiocoap docs can be built
from master again), as by now, no requirements.txt with `-e
git+` is needed
any more to get a recent recommonmark that works with sphinx-argparse.
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chrysn committed Apr 25, 2018
1 parent 8576716 commit b31cf31d59b487b00e9ada24f2c791a78f9bbb8f
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@@ -38,7 +38,13 @@
for k, v in extras_require.items():
if k.startswith(':') or k == 'all' or k == 'docs':
# Most extras are required for docs to build. TinyDTLS is an exception
# because no module imports it at module level. (This is convenient also
# because TinyDTLS installation fails on readthedocs for unknown reasons.)
if k != 'tinydtls':
if k in test_extras:

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