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ASP.NET Core Identity Series

ASP.NET Core Identity Series

Part 1 - Getting Started

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Core Identity library
  • Describe ASP.NET Core Identity basic archirecture
  • Explain the role and relationship between Stores and Managers and how they function under the hood
  • Explain what Claims, ClaimsIdentity and ClaimsPrincipal entities are and how they are related
  • Step by step guide on how to install and start using the core packages
  • Associated repository branch: getting-started

Part 2 - Integrate Entity Framework

  • Introduce Microsoft.Extensions.Identity.Stores and UserStoreBase store implementations
  • Plug and configure Entity Framework Core with ASP.NET Core Identity and minimum configuration
  • Explain Entity Framework different store implementations such as UserOnlyStore or UserStore
  • Step by step guide for applying migrations and creating Identity's SQL Schema
  • Discuss whether you should use ASP.NET Core Identity with Entity Framework
  • Associated repository branch: entity-framework-integration

Part 3 - Deep Dive in authorization

  • Explain Claims-based authorization by example
  • Explain Role-based authorization by example
  • Step by step guide for creating custom Authorization Policy Provider
  • Explain how authorization works under the hood
  • Explain Imperative authorization by example
  • Associated repository branch: authorization

To be continued..

Installation instructions

The project is built with ASP.NET Core with Angular on the client side.

  1. Visual Studio 2017: Just open the solution and wait to install the npm packages before running
  2. Without Visual Studio:
    • cd ./AspNetCoreIdentity where the package.json file exist
    • npm install
    • dotnet restore
    • dotnet build
    • dotnet run
  3. Create the database (required for second part and later)
    • cd ./AspNetCoreIdentity where the AspNetCoreIdentity.csproj exist
    • dotnet ef migrations add initial_migration
    • dotnet ef database update

In case you don't want to use SQL Database simply set InMemoryProvider: true in the appsettings.json

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Code released under the MIT license.