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Globally-distributed applications with Microsoft Azure

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This is the repository associated with the FREE e-book Globally-distributed applications with Microsoft Azure


Online.Store is a web application designed to scale across multiple regions over the globe. It does that by leveraging the following Azure Services:

Users authenticate using either ASP.NET Core Identity or Azure Active Directory B2C

The book

The first 4 parts describe the features for each Azure Service used and their role in the design of the Online.Store application. It provides step by step instructions to configure Online.Store application settings and secret keys so that you can deploy it all over the globe. The final chapter explains the PowerShell scripts that you can use to automate processes in a globally distributed application (resource provisioning, releases or rolling back updates)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Continuous Intregration & Delivery is based in AppVeyor which is totally free to use for open-source projects

Online.Store project

Online.Store is a cross-platform application built with .NET Core and Angular. In order to follow along with the book, create Azure Services and build the project you need the following:

  1. An Azure free account. It's absolutely free, plus you get a $200 credit you can spend during the first 30 days. In a nutchell, to register a free account you need a Microsoft email and a credit cart. Don't worry your credit cart will not be charged. You can read more about the Azure free account here
  2. Install Microsoft - NET Core
  3. Install Node JS. Version v6.11.2 and later should be good enough
  4. Install Git

In case you are in a Windows OS it is highly advised to install Visual Studio 2017. The project however can be built and run outside of Visual Studio as well (using the .NET Core CLI)

For each Azure Service there is a corresponding library project with generic repositories. The front-tier is built with Angular and ngrx/store


Code released under the MIT license.