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Light version of R3S2
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r3s2lite - Light version of R3S2

This version is for offline use. It takes a light version of the db schema and allow to manipulate the data for each venue in any event. This was developed in first instance to support the registration proccess for the FLISOL (

It uses Dancer (see for more information) and Sqlite.

To install you need the following:

- Dancer
- Sqlite
- DBD::SQLite
- DBIx::Class
- DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn
- DBIx::Class::TimeStamp
- DateTime::Format::SQLite

For Sessions you have two alternatives:

* Mencached, you'll need to install:
    - Memcached:
    - Cache::Memcached
    - Dancer::Session::Memcached

* YAML, It works out of the box, it store sessions on the folder specified in the config.yml file.

The recommended Session storage is memcached.

You can modify the config parameters in "config.yml", the important parameters are: "sede" and "evento".

On Debian based distros you can install the dependences executing: 

	aptitude install sqlite3 libdbd-sqlite3-perl libdbix-class-perl libdatetime-format-sqlite-perl libdbix-class-encodedcolumn-perl libdbix-class-timestamp-perl libhttp-body-perl libmime-types-perl

then you can fetch the Dancer related packages from my website (by now there is no official Debian packages), you _ONLY_ need to download and install this 3 packages: libdancer-perl, libhttp-server-simple-perl and libhttp-server-simple-psgi-perl.

=== OPTIONAL ===
If you want to use the Memcached based authentication, you need to install:
	aptitude install memcached libcache-memcached-perl

and get from the website above the package: libdancer-session-memcached-perl

By default, the app looks for the DB in the main folder that contains all these files, and the file name for the DB is r3s2litedb.rdb
To create this DB you can do with this command:

	sqlite3 r3s2litedb.rdb < dbstruct.sql

The dbstruct.sql file provides the DB schema used for this application and some example data. The default user is: usuario and the password is: password.

To start the app just type: 


and point your browser to: http://localhost:3000 

The basic functionality of this app is to get information about the people attending to the venue, it makes searchs for "email" (for now, we will change for something more accurate) and display the info registered by the user in the online registration system (R3S2) and allow to check the assistance of this person. Simple.

It also provides an administration panel, that displays a list of registered user. To go there just type in the browser: http://localhost:3000/admin and it will show a login form. This information came from the online registration system. The authentication is simple, the record in the DB stores an encrypted password and we can handle it with DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn easily.

Please, if you can help to improve this app, please email me, I will appreciate this. 

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