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GoGL is an OpenGL binding generator for Go. No external dependencies like GLEW are needed.

Install the OpenGL bindings

For example, OpenGL 2.1 bindings can be installed using the go command:

go get


Khronos documentation:

Package documentation:


To test the package, build and install the "spinning gopher" example:

go get

and run it from your command line.

Build & install the binding generator

If you want to create your own bindings:

clone the repository:

git clone

or use the go command:

go get

Spec files

The original spec files from Khronos have errors in them. Jason McKesson maintains corrected spec files in his bitbucket repository. You can find them here: GL XML Specs.

Usage examples

If you want to download the latest spec files from Khronos (this is the default behavior), type

gogl -download

to your command prompt. To generate the bindings, simply type:


Or with gomake:

gomake download_khronos
gomake gen_khronos

If you want to use Jason McKesson corrected spec files (recommended), type the following to your command line:

gomake download_alfonse
gomake gen_alfonse


  • Complete spec parser
  • MacOS, Windows support
  • ...
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