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COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard shows recent developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest open data on the COVID-19 spread are regularly downloaded and displayed in a map, summary tables, key figures and plots.


Various companies thought that a global crisis is an excellent opportunity to show case their technologies. Therefore, my idea was to show that open-source technologies, such as R Shiny, can be used to create a decent dashboard in few hours. Furthermore, the most popular COVID-19 dashboard (Johns Hopkins COVID-19) is styled rather alarmist. Therefore, a more neutral dashboard might help to dampen the already existing hysteria a little.

Why Open Source?

My hope is that this dashboard can help researchers around the world to get a better overview of the current situation concerning the COVID-19 idea. I hereby invite all of you to contribute to this project with additional visualizations, information etc.


First install R and your favourite IDE on your machine (I suggest RStudio or IntelliJ Community Edition with R plugin). To run the dashboard on your own machine, clone the repository and install renv. Renv is a dependency management tool for R. After installing call renv::restore(). This will get all libraries in renv.lock and install them on your machine. Afterwards you should be able to run the dashboard by calling shiny::runApp().


I used RStudio Connect with to publish this dashboard. As the rsconnect library currently does not run smoothly with renv, deactivate renv by calling renv::deactivate(). Afterwards you should be able to deploy the dashboard to Shinyapps using rsconnect::deployApp().


If you want to add any visualization or further information feel free to create a pull request. For major rework either fork the repository or create an issue so we can discuss it.

PLEASE: Do not add any models or the likes if you are no expert in epidemiology or similar. This dashboard should only display validated research or information. Your pull request will not be accepted if you are not able to verify your expertise.

Bugs, Issues & Enhancement Requests

If you find any bug / issue or have an idea how to improve the dashboard, please create an issue. I will try to look into it as soon as possible.


MIT © Christoph Schönenberger


This is a dashboard, similar to the one from Johns Hopkins using open source technology.







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