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Mid-Lane, Best Lane!

Welcome to a new era of AP diversity!

This site is live at

(Psst, don’t tell anyone I play Hecraim main.)


This API challenge came at just the right time in my life. About a month ago, I started attending a Javascript bootcamp to learn web development. A few months before that, I fell in love with League of Legends (in particular watching Esports - I got to watch the NA LCS finals at Madison Square Garden and it was AMAZING, still working on improving my actual gameplay). This project was the perfect opportunity for me to practice what I’ve learned so far while combining it with a subject I’m passionate about. (Although I’ve now typed ‘item’ so many times, it no longer looks like a real word to me.)


This site is particularly focused on bottom-line player statistics like KDA, damage dealt to champions, and win rate as well changes in popularity of champions and items. I choose those areas because I was curious about the overt effects of the AP item changes, and I was fairly surprised that these stats only changed slightly.

In hindsight, this makes sense. The patch was designed to diversify player choice, not necessarily improve AP champions’ performance. Moreover, subtle shifts are good! Pre- and post-patch worlds shouldn't be so jarring that players can no longer recognize the landscape.

This opens up more ground. I think a different route of analysis might be to trace the build path of players and chart shifts in power spikes, power transition curve, and other similarly more progressional statistics that can better speak to players’ gameplay experiences versus match results.