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This C# class allows you to use MaterialDesignIcons project directly from your C# code: benefit from autocomplete and avoid typos.


How to use this

Add the nuget package as a depency in your project:

PM> Install-Package MaterialDesignIcons-CSharp-Consts

Each Mdi.* const contains its icon's corresponding mdi class as value:

public const string FlipToFront = "mdi-flip-to-front";
public const string Floppy = "mdi-floppy";
public const string Flower = "mdi-flower";
public const string Folder = "mdi-folder";
public const string FolderAccount = "mdi-folder-account";
public const string FolderDownload = "mdi-folder-download";


For example, you could use it in your own menu system:

// MenuItem.cs
public MenuItem(string title, string href, string icon) { ... }

// NavigationHelper.cs
this.items.add(new MenuItem("Home", "#", Mdi.HomeVariant));
<!-- _Menu.cshtml -->
<a href="@menuItem.Href">
    <i class="mdi @menuItem.Icon"></i>

How to update MaterialDesignIcons.cs.pp file

Note: you usually don't want to do that, except if some icons are missing from the generated file.

The script generates MaterialDesignIcons.cs.pp from MaterialDesignIcons input file.

  1. Run python _variables.scss will be downloaded and parsed from MaterialDesignIcon's repository to update MaterialDesignIcons.cs.pp.
  2. Open an issue here so I can update the nuget package
  3. You could also copy MaterialDesignIcons.cs.pp into your project (don't forget to drop the .pp extension & update the namespace)