Python script called by munin, sending signals to Munin-for-Android-GCM-Proxy
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Munin for Android GCM Trigger

Python script called by munin, sending signals to Munin for Android GCM Proxy.

You have to install this script on the master server of your munin installation. Here's how it works:

  1. munin detects an alert and calls this script
  2. This script sends the signal with plugin information to the proxy, relaying the info to Google Cloud Messaging
  3. An alert notification appears on your devices

Tip: Watch + Star this repository to be notified when a new version of this script comes out!


You only have to install this script once, even if several Android devices will be notified.

1. Install & configure the script

The script relies on the requests library to communicate with Google Cloud Messaging. Make sure the lib is present on your system by running the following command first (you might need to sudo it on some systems) :

pip install requests

You must put this script in a directory accessible by munin. A good place would be /home/munin:

sudo mkdir /home/munin
sudo chown "$USER":munin /home/munin

Clone this repository on your server to download the script, or just download it as a ZIP archive:

# Navigate to the script final location
cd /home/munin

# Clone the repo
git clone

# ... OR download the ZIP archive
unzip -d Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger

# Update directory permissions
sudo chown -R "$USER":munin Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger

Don't forget to mark main file as executable:

cd Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger
chmod ug+x

If not already done, request your unique device id for each device you'll use. Navigate to the notifications screen on the app and hit the Send me the instructions by mail button.

Call this script using the --add-device DEVICE_ID argument or manually edit the devices.json file and add the device id(s) in it. When interactively adding your device using --add-device, you'll have the choice to send a test notification to the devices passed as argument.

./ --add-device VOPCG0LUaXWcnl56g2yp...

The devices.json file should look like this:

    "devices": [

2. Test it

Once done, you can check if the script works by running the test command:

./ --test

A confirmation notification should appear on all of your devices: Test notification

3. Configure munin

We have to configure munin in order to make it call this script on each alert. Open /etc/munin/munin.conf, and configure it as following. Replace /home/munin/Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger/ with the script location.

# Munin for Android notifications
# Configure script location & args
contact.munin_for_android.command /home/munin/Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger/

# Uncomment this if you want to be notified every 5 minutes about every alert
# contact.munin_for_android.always_send warning critical

# Set infos format
contact.munin_for_android.text  <alert group="${var:group}" host="${var:host}"\
  graph_category="${var:graph_category}" graph_title="${var:graph_title}" >\
  ${loop< >:wfields <warning label="${var:label}" value="${var:value}"\
    w="${var:wrange}" c="${var:crange}" extra="${var:extinfo}" /> }\
  ${loop< >:cfields <critical label="${var:label}" value="${var:value}"\
    w="${var:wrange}" c="${var:crange}" extra="${var:extinfo}" /> }\
  ${loop< >:ufields <unknown label="${var:label}" value="${var:value}"\
    w="${var:wrange}" c="${var:crange}" extra="${var:extinfo}" /> }\

Restart munin-node service to take configuration changes into account:

service munin-node restart

That's it!

Update this script

If you're unsure about how you installed this script, check if a .git/ directory exists inside the script directory. If it does, follow the instructions under (1).

  1. You installed it using git clone You just have to run git pull to update it. If you encounter error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: error, check the files list below the error message:

    • if it contains, save it (cp, pull (git pull) and restore it (mv
    • otherwise, undo these changes (git checkout -- .) and pull (git pull)

    You'll be more likely to encounter this error if you're updating from a version cloned before August 2016 - we fixed everything in the meantime.

  2. You installed it by downloading the ZIP archive:

    # Move the script to another location
    mv Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger.bak
    # Download its latest version
    unzip -d Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger
    # Copy back the devices list from the previous install
    cp Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger.bak/ Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger/
    # If you customized values in (GCM_PROXY_URL, HELP_DIAGNOSE or whatever), don't forget to update them in the new location

In both cases, test the updated version:

cd Munin-for-Android-GCM-Trigger && ./ --test