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A chrome extension for e-hentai/exhentai.
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The website was updated. This extension is no longer working. Will be fixed soon. image

E/Exhentai Huolu (chrome extension) | E/Exhentai 活路套件

This is a chrome extension for e/ex-hentai user.
Please use Thumbnails mode on e/exhentai while running this extension
使用本程式請使用Thumbnails瀏覽模式 image

Language support | 支援語言

  • English (default)
  • 繁體中文
  • 简体中文

Features | 功能

List of main features

  • language icon | 語言小圖標
  • highlight new uploaded galleries | 新上傳標亮
  • hide galleries | 屏蔽功能
  • tag display | 標籤顯示
  • low file size tag | 低容量標籤

Language icon | 語言小圖標

The extension will insert a small language flag before the title of the gallery.

Highlight new uploaded galleries | 新上傳標亮

Highlight the gallery that you havn't read before.
Please click the button while first visit after installed this extension.

Hide galleries | 屏蔽功能


You can set excluded tags or uploader here.
The extension will hide galleries with these tags or uploader.
e-hentai also provides Exclude Uploaders setting. (settings - Excluded Uploaders)
可在黑名單設定要屏蔽的標籤 / 上傳者
e-hentai官方另有內建的屏蔽上傳者功能,請多多利用 (settings - Excluded Uploaders)


Tags or uploaders added in whitelist will not be blocked.
畫廊含有在白名單中的 標籤 / 上傳者 則不會被屏蔽

Tag display | 標籤顯示

Display the tags of the gallery at the searching area.
Click the display button to display.

low file size tag | 低容量標籤

File Size / Length

Set min size (mb) per page.
Show a tag on the gallery if file size lower than the set min size.

Install extension | 安裝擴充功能

Free download:Chrome Web Store - Extensions


  • i18n(Language support) : 日本語(ja)


This extension is available under the MIT license.

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