SpringMVC 4, Bootstrap 3, and embedded Tomcat 7 to Heroku cloud
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SpringMVC 4, Bootstrap 3, and embedded Tomcat 7 to Heroku cloud

##Main Purposes

  • The unofficial Spring MVC 4 Showcase with Bootstrap 3
  • It's cloud deploy-able (Heroku) (Easier to swtich from PaaS cloud to IaaS cloud, or to a different cloud provider)
  • For configuration of Spring MVC, it uses Java config instead of xml config.

##Build and run the app in command line environment ###Build package

$ mvn package

####Run webapp (If you don't need to deploy to Heroku, you can run the webapp by executing)

$ ./run.sh
$ java -jar target/dependency/webapp-runner.jar target/*.war

####Test it Go to http://localhost:8080 and test it out by putting your name

##Steps to set up development environment in Eclipse After you clone this project from github, run

$ mvn package
$ mvn eclipse:eclipse
  1. Open Eclipse to import the project
  2. Click top File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects (Choose the folder that you just downloded)
  3. Right click your project, click Properties -> Java Build Path, remove all M2_REPO/******/****** jars (names started with M2_REPO), click OK.
  4. Check if Maven dependencies are setup correctly. Right click your project, click Properties -> Java Build Path-> Libraries, and the Maven Dependencies include all your dependent jar files
  5. Right click pom.xml, click Run as-> Maven clean, then Run as-> Maven Install
  6. Right click your project, click Run as -> Run on server (Supposed you already set up your local Tomcat server)

Deploying to Heroku (you might need to clean out the .git folder)

Files which are used by Heroku: Procfile, and system.properties To push webapp app to production on Heroku, you need to run ####First time, to create and push

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master

####In the future, to push your webapp, run

$ heroku git:remote -a yourapp
$ git push heroku master

###Libraries Used: Spring 4.3.18.RELEASE Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0 Apache Tomcat 7.0.40 (webapp-runner) JSP, JQuery 1.11.1

###Development environment Windows 8 64bit, Cygwin 64 bit, Eclipse Java EE IDE Luna 4.4.0, Maven 3.2.3


###Author Tzu-Cheng Chuang