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A caffe implementation of MobileNet-SSD detection network, with pretrained weights on VOC0712 and mAP=0.727.

Network mAP Download Download
MobileNet-SSD 72.7 train deploy


  1. Download SSD source code and compile (follow the SSD README).
  2. Download the pretrained deploy weights from the link above.
  3. Put all the files in SSD_HOME/examples/
  4. Run to show the detection result.
  5. You can run to generate a no bn model, it will be much faster.

Create LMDB for your own dataset

  1. Place the Images directory and Labels directory into same directory. (Each image in Images folder should have a unique label file in Labels folder with same name)
  2. cd create_lmdb/code
  3. Modify the labelmap.prototxt file according to your classes.
  4. Modify the paths and directories in and as specified in same file in comments.
  5. run bash, which will create trainval.txt, test.txt and test_name_size.txt
  6. run bash, which will generate the LMDB in Dataset directory.
  7. Delete trainval.txt, test.txt, test_name_size.txt before creation of next LMDB.

Train your own dataset

  1. Convert your own dataset to lmdb database (follow the SSD README), and create symlinks to current directory.
ln -s PATH_TO_YOUR_TRAIN_LMDB trainval_lmdb
ln -s PATH_TO_YOUR_TEST_LMDB test_lmdb
  1. Create the labelmap.prototxt file and put it into current directory.
  2. Use to generate your own training prototxt.
  3. Download the training weights from the link above, and run, after about 30000 iterations, the loss should be 1.5 - 2.5.
  4. Run to evaluate the result.
  5. Run to generate your own no-bn caffemodel if necessary.
python --model example/MobileNetSSD_deploy.prototxt --weights snapshot/mobilenet_iter_xxxxxx.caffemodel

About some details

There are 2 primary differences between this model and MobileNet-SSD on tensorflow:

  1. ReLU6 layer is replaced by ReLU.
  2. For the conv11_mbox_prior layer, the anchors are [(0.2, 1.0), (0.2, 2.0), (0.2, 0.5)] vs tensorflow's [(0.1, 1.0), (0.2, 2.0), (0.2, 0.5)].

Reproduce the result

I trained this model from a MobileNet classifier(caffemodel and prototxt) converted from tensorflow. I first trained the model on MS-COCO and then fine-tuned on VOC0712. Without MS-COCO pretraining, it can only get mAP=0.68.

Mobile Platform

You can run it on Android with my another project rscnn.


Caffe implementation of Google MobileNet SSD detection network, with pretrained weights on VOC0712 and mAP=0.727.








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