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A simple and fast library to create MS Office Excel(>2007) xlsx files.
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A simple and fast library to create MS Office Excel(>2007) xlsx files(Compatible with the OpenOffice document format).


  • Support workbook and multi-worksheets.
  • Custom column width and row height, cell range merge.
  • Custom cell fill styles(such as background color).
  • Custom cell border styles(such as thin,medium).
  • Custom cell font styles(such as font-family,bold).
  • Custom cell border styles and merge cells.
  • Text rotation in cells.

Getting Started

Install it in node.js:

npm install msexcel-builder
var excelbuilder = require('msexcel-builder');

Then create a sample workbook with one sheet and some data.

  // Create a new workbook file in current working-path
  var workbook = excelbuilder.createWorkbook('./', 'sample.xlsx')
  // Create a new worksheet with 10 columns and 12 rows
  var sheet1 = workbook.createSheet('sheet1', 10, 12);
  // Fill some data
  sheet1.set(1, 1, 'I am title');
  for (var i = 2; i < 5; i++)
    sheet1.set(i, 1, 'test'+i);
  // Save it{
    if (err)
      throw err;
      console.log('congratulations, your workbook created');

or return a JSZip object that can be used to stream the contents (and even save it to disk):

   workbook.generate(function(err, jszip) {
     if (err)
       throw err;
     else {
       var buffer = jszip.generate({type: "nodebuffer"});
       require('fs').writeFile(workbook.fpath + '/' + workbook.fname, buffer, function (err) {


createWorkbook(save_path, file_name)

Create a new workbook file.

  • save_path - (String) The path to save workbook.
  • file_name - (String) The file name of workbook.

Returns a Workbook Object.

Example: create a xlsx file saved to C:\test.xlsx

var workbook = excelbuilder.createWorkbook('C:\','test.xlsx');


Create a new worksheet with specified columns and rows

  • sheet_name - (String) worksheet name.
  • column_count - (Number) sheet column count.
  • row_count - (Number) sheet row count.

Returns a Sheet object

Notes: The sheet name must be unique within a same workbook.

Example: Create a new sheet named 'sheet1' with 5 columns and 8 rows

var sheet1 = workbook.createSheet('sheet1', 5, 8);

Save current workbook.

  • callback - (Function) Callback function to handle save result.

  console.log('workbook saved ' + (err?'failed':'ok'));


Cancel to make current workbook,drop all data.

Sheet.set(col, row, str)

Set the cell data.

  • col - (Number) Cell column index(start with 1).
  • row - (Number) Cell row index(start with 1).
  • str - (String) Cell data.

No returns.


sheet1.set(1,1,'Hello ');

Sheet.width(col, width)

Sheet.height(row, height)

Set the column width or row height


sheet1.width(1, 30);
sheet1.height(1, 20);

Sheet.align(col, row, align)

Sheet.valign(col, row, valign)

Sheet.wrap(col, row, wrap)

Sheet.rotate(col, row, angle)

Set cell text align style and wrap style

  • align - (String) align style: 'center'/'left'/'right'
  • valign - (String) vertical align style: 'center'/'top'/'bottom'
  • wrap - (String) text wrap style:'true' / 'false'
  • rotate - (String) Numeric angle for text rotation: '90'/'-90'


sheet1.align(2, 1, 'center');
sheet1.valign(3, 3, 'top');
sheet1.wrap(1, 1, 'true');
sheet1.rotate(1, 1, 90);

Sheet.font(col, row, font_style)

Sheet.fill(col, row, fill_style)

Sheet.border(col, row, border_style)

Set cell font style, fill style or border style

  • font_style - (Object) font style options The options may contain:

    • name - (String) font name
    • sz - (String) font size
    • family - (String) font family
    • scheme - (String) font scheme
    • bold - (String) if bold: 'true'/'false'
    • iter - (String) if italic: 'true'/'false'
  • fill_style - (Object) fill style options The options may contain:

    • type - (String) fill type: such as 'solid'
    • fgColor - (String) front color
    • bgColor - (String) background color
  • border_style - (Object) border style options The options may contain:

    • left - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double'
    • top - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double'
    • right - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double'
    • bottom - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double'


sheet1.font(2, 1, {name:'黑体',sz:'24',family:'3',scheme:'-',bold:'true',iter:'true'});
sheet1.fill(3, 3, {type:'solid',fgColor:'8',bgColor:'64'});
sheet1.border(1, 1, {left:'medium',top:'medium',right:'thin',bottom:'medium'});

Sheet.merge(from_cell, to_cell)

Merge some cell ranges

  • from_cell / to_cell - (Object) cell position The cell object contains:

    • col - (Number) cell column index(start with 1)
    • row - (Number) cell row index(start with 1)

Example: Merge the first row as title from (1,1) to (5,1)



In node.js

> cd test
> node test.js

Release notes


  • Generate JSZip object, dropping need to generate temporary files on disk.
  • Removed dependency on fs-extra and exec and easy-zip.
  • Added dependency on js-zip.
  • Removed method save and replaced it with generate(callback) that returns a JSZip object.
  • This now theoretically should be able to run in the browser, though that is not tested.
  • Also refactored base Excel files so they are read from code rather than from disk.


  • Switch compress work to easy-zip to support Heroku deployment.

v0.0.1: Includes

  • First release.
  • Using 7z.exe to do compress work, so only support windows now.
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