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ChubaoFS use prometheus as metrics collector. It simply config as follow in master,metanode,datanode,client's config file:

    "exporterPort": 9510,
    "consulAddr": "http://consul.prometheus-cfs.local"
  • exporterPort:prometheus exporter Port. when set,can export prometheus metrics from URL(http://$hostip:$exporterPort/metrics). If not set, prometheus exporter will unavailable;
  • consulAddr: consul register address,it can work with prometheus to auto discover deployed chubaofs nodes, if not set, consul register will not work.

Using grafana as prometheus metrics web front:


Also, user can use prometheus alertmanager to capture and route alerts to the correct receiver. please visit prometheus alertmanger web-doc

Grafana DashBoard Config:

.. literalinclude:: cfs-grafana-dashboard.json
   :language: json
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