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Milestone 0.X.0
[ ] Add facebook notifications of:
[ ] Photo tags
[ ] New friends request
[ ] New event request
[ ] A friend posting in your wall
[ ] A friend comment a photo where you appear
Milestone 0.X.0
* Twitter time
[ ] Study and add Twitter support
[ ] Control the screensaver. If it is active don't show notifications
and show it when the user gets active again.
[ ] Reimplement the logging
[ ] Creating new account sometimes are not shown in the indicator (created a
new bug in launchpad for libindicate)
Milestone 0.X.0
[ ] Add GMail tags support
[ ] Add IMAP folders support
[ ] Add Imap SSL and port configuration
[ ] Add POP3 SSL and port configuration
[ ] Configure when notify the GReader feeds (if > 30 or if 10 new feeds...)
Milestone 0.X.0
* dbus time!!
[ ] Create the clodsn dbus service
[ ] Create the application window (preferences) in a separate application
Milestone 0.3.0
* The debian version
[X] Do it compatible with debian and python 2.5
[X] Create an status icon indicator
[X] Indicator selectable
[X] Set libindicate optional on
[X] Add basic twitter messages notifications
[X] Show the added account on preferences before check it and update
the time when finish the first update
[!] Fix focus problem in the add dialogs (We will change the dialog soon)
[X] When an account is disabled we must remove the indicator or disable it
[X] Align the unread number at right
[X] The icon is not shown until the first accoun check finish
Milestone 0.2.0
[X] Show general errors with notifications (if we can) or stderr
[X] Show the first connection error on an account (Not in every check).
[X] If cloudsn is running in a session and open a new one, it tell "cloudsn is running"
[X] Option to enable/disable accounts
[X] Show e-mail suject in the notification
[X] cloudsn doesn't check the first time it starts with the session
Milestone 0.1.2
[X] Prevent accounts with the same name
[X] Fix the date update in preferences
[X] Check the accounts in a different thread
[X] Update the last check data in the preferences dialog correctly with the threads
[X] Do not run two instances of cloudsn
[X] Add option to start the application with the session
[X] Add i18n support
[X] Check the correct dependencies in
[X] Check the correct dependencies in debian files
[X] Upload the application to my PPA
[X] Install desktop file into the indicator applet to be show when the application is down
[X] Add imap support:
[X] Check inbox mails
Milestone 0.1.0
[X] Remove the indicator when an account is deleted
[X] Set icons to the dialogs
[X] See how we can stop the service
[X] Create the preferences file with default values
[X] Update account when a new one is added
[X] Set provider icon to the notifications
[X] Add a button to "check account now" and "check all accounts now"
[X] In preferences show datetime of the last update (by account)
[X] Create and set the cloudsn icon to the dialogs, application etc.
[X] Organize files in packages
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