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Mechanical drawings for hopper parts
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Mechanical drawings for hopper parts

Quick find: looking for a drawing for Master Index item 88 (Plate, Hopper, Rear)? ose-cebpress-hopper/i88-rear-plate/exports/Hopper-88.pdf

This project directory is organized hierarchically. There is a subdirectory for each part, using a name that includes the index number in the master index. For example, i88-rear-plate is for index number 88.

Within each part directory there is a subdirectory for the master CAD files (the preferred format for editing changes into the design), identified by the CAD tool used, for example master-alibre. Usually you will need have a specific CAD program installed on your computer in order to make use of these files.

Also within the part directory there is an 'exports' subdirectory. These are outputs from the CAD program intended for (1) human viewing, and/or (2) passing to later stages of the manufacturing toolchain. For example, you can expect to find a pdf working drawing here.

Finally, the 'reference' subdirectory is a catch-all for information that is not a direct part of the toolchain. There are two active branches. The 'master' branch is intended for finished documentation. The 'edge' branch is for revisions in progress and should not, in general, be used for fabrication.

To download files to your local computer, here are two options.

  1. for a single file, navigate to the file, open it, and click the RAW button at the upper right of the viewing pane. (Note: non-text files will download, text files display on screen. Use browser's "save page as" for text.)
  2. use the ZIP button on the main project page, which compresses the entire project directory and downloads it. There are many other ways to do it, too.
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