Notes and files related to my "Introduction to Asciidoc(tor)" talk
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CALUG Presentation Notes


These are notes about the presentation I gave to to Columbia Area Linux User Group about Asciidoc and Asciidoctor. The presentation source files themselves are shared in the single_file and split_files directories. The talking points I used during the presentation were developed as I wrote the presentation and as I went along.

What files are here

In the single_file directory is the asciidoctor_presentation_calug_final.html which is the final html file I used to present from. The final presentation file was generated from the asciidoctor_presentation_calug.adoc file in the single_file directory using the following code.

asciidoctor -T ./asciidoctor-deck.js/templates/haml/ -b deckjs asciidoctor_presentation_calug.adoc -o asciidoctor_presentation_calug_final.html

The single_file directory contains the presentation adoc file in one large file with all the chapters included. The split_files directory contains the presentation file broken down into its chapters, with the asciidoctor_presentation_calug_multi.adoc file acting as the index file. There are a few small differences in order between the single and multi files, but they are essentially the same content.

Assuming Asciidoctor has been installed on your system, running the following command will generate a HTML page from the single_file directory

asciidoctor asciidoctor_presentation_calug.adoc

Running the following command will generate a HTML page from the split_files directory

asciidoctor asciidoctor_presentation_calug_multi.adoc


These are the reference links from my final slide of the presentation.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about this presentation, please contact Chuck Frain