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This is an example one-pager site that prospective job-seekers can use to quickly highlight their accomplishments and make an introduction. It can be hosted for free using GitHub Pages (as a Jekyll page).

This is based on a heavily pared-down version Jerome Lachaud's Freelancer Jekyll theme. Jerome's original theme is well-suited for designers to easily assemble a portfolio site of their visual work; this is a prose-centric version tailored to software developers. formspree is used for the contact form.


View an example one-pager here

How to use

  • Place your photo in /img/profile.png
  • (Optional) Update the favicon /img/icon.png
  • Edit _config.yml to give your name, email address, social media contacts, etc. You can also update the color scheme.
  • Edit content in /_includes/about_me.html and /_includes/interests.html




For more details on Jekyll, read the documentation.