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An easy to setup packaging of AWStats and AWStats-Totals for use on DreamHost
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AWStats for DreamHost

An easy to setup packaging of AWStats and AWStats-Totals for use on DreamHost web-hosting services (shared or managed VPS).


AWStats-DH can be installed anywhere on a web site, and it will generate stats for all sites hosted under the same shell user. To install AWStats-DH on the site, SSH login to the shell user (ssh, and then perform the following setup.

  • Download

    Clone AWStats-DH into's web directory:

    git clone --recurse-submodules
  • Build Initial Statistics

    Run the update script to generate the initial reports:


Now visit to see the stats for all sites hosted under that shell user.

Further Configuration

  • Install Cron Job

    To update the reports daily, install a cron job:

    @daily day
  • Secure Reports

    Setup password protection for the awstats-dh directory via DH's Htaccess Panel.


  • update-awstats fails or only partially updates stats

    By default, the update-awstats script process all available active logs (typically 3-30 days per site). If your shell user has a large number of sites, or very large logs, the script may be killed for excessive resource usage (on shared hosting). To avoid this problem, run the script with the day argument:

    ~/ day

    In this mode, the script only looks at uncompressed log files for the last 24-48 hours (access.log and access.log.0), so it is faster and users fewer resources.

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